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Our Story

At HMS, we're focused on curation, seeking to provide our customer base with solely the highest quality vintage and streetwear.                                               



Meet the Team

There is 4 of us over here at HMS: 

Henry - The Founder : Henry started HMS way back in 2015 to fund his medical school degree. When he started to struggle with the workload, he decided to expand the team at HMS.

Fin - The Intern : Fin joined the team in May 2020. The man behind the scenes, Fin's the man getting all the nitty gritty done.

Elle - Model : Elle joined us in October 2020, alongside doing an art direction masters at UAL. People don't get come to take photos of... just try and find a garm that Elle doesn't look fire in .

Louis : Model : Louis also joined us in October 2020, alongside his uni degree. Took the modelling of the men's clothes away from Henry, but brings that professional touch to every shoot.


A Brief Introduction & History

I (Henry) started the shop in the summer of 2016. As it is for most university students in London, most of my summers were spent searching for jobs. My whole life I’d always shopped at car boot sales and charity shops, living for the rush of pulling out gems from people’s unwanted items. I’d always sold a couple of these online, but that summer one of my pals suggested that I made the switch to Depop. At the time it was relatively unknown, but I decided to give it a go. Within a day of setting up the shop, I had made my first sale: your standard Lacoste polo shirt for £6.50, pocketing me around a sweet 3 quid profit. Not much, but for a broke student it was enough to get me gassed. That summer I managed to put HMS on the map, spending each morning out at the local markets and charity shops, and each afternoon photographing and listing.

In September of that same year was when things really started to pick up. I moved in with some of my friends in South London, and started running the shop from there. One of my housemates was a photographer in the making and he showed me the ins and outs of photography. He started snapping some pics of me wearing some of the shop’s stock on the streets around my house. Before that, my mum had been taking photos of me, and no disrespect to her or her photography, but my friend’s snaps were much more of a vibe. Within a couple of days, HMS Vintage went from looking like a backyard hobby to a professional and aesthetic shop. I noticed the difference immediately; items were getting triple the likes and some were selling out within minutes of me uploading.

Skip 4 years down the line, and we flying. We now have 4 of us working here, our very own studio and are able to drop over 70 high quality items a week; you can see our latest drop by clicking here. The beauty is we are so far from done. We've got some exciting plans for the future.


Our studio is in Tottenham and all our products are shot in and around the area, so if you are ever in the area be sure to hit us up. 

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