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As we all know we are in a climate emergency and time is running out! Sadly the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters, with emissions from our industry totalling more than international flights and shipping combined. 

Things are changing however, thanks to the second hand boom, fast fashion is falling behind and resale is expected to outgrow retail in the next 10 years. Sadly though around 1/3 of emissions from an items lifecycle comes from processes outside of its production. This is why we wanted to do more.

A big change we have made in the last couple of years is to switch to local and domestic sources to source our stock as opposed to getting it from abroad. It wasn't easy at first to ensure the quality stayed as high however after some hard graft we have managed to, and massively reduced our air miles in the process.

On top of this all the materials we use for postage and packaging are as sustainable as possible. Our business cards and flyers are all made from recycled material. Our postage bags are not only 100% compostable, so can go in your food waste, but also have a double glue line so can be re-used. 


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